11 Multipurpose Furniture Items for Small Spaces

11 Multipurpose Furniture Items for Small Spaces

You live in the Maldives? If so, you know the struggle of trying to find furniture that will fit. You might have to sacrifice comfort for size or vice versa, but there are some options out there for you. This post is filled with multipurpose furniture items for your small space, so take a look!

Multipurpose furniture for the bedroom

Do you have a small bedroom? That's a common situation ! The struggle is finding the perfect bed to fit in your space. Here are some bed alternatives for you:

- Platform bed - This type of bed is perfect for those with limited space. These beds use the floor as the base and create an elevated platform for a mattress. They're really easy to assemble and store, too!

- Ottoman Beds -  The lift up ottoman base that enhances your bedroom storage and is perfect storing clothing, blankets, spare linen and other light items.

- Daybed - If you need a place to sleep but don't have enough room, try out a daybed. One of these will give you enough room to sleep comfortably while also giving you storage space underneath the bed.

- Futon - A futon can also be used as furniture in your bedroom if required, as well as being able to sleep on it if needed as well. It provides quick temporary seating during family gatherings or overnight guests.

- Trundle Beds (or Pullout Beds)  -  There is a slew of benefits when it comes to trundle beds, which would make one wonder why they are not as popular as other types of beds on the market. Regardless, trundle beds can be the perfect solution to a smaller space that lacks storage. It also makes for a perfect option for a guest room as there are two beds instead of one.

Multipurpose furniture for the living room

The living room is a place for many of our daily interactions. It's where we relax and entertain guests, so it's important to fill the space with furniture that can do more than just one thing.

One multipurpose furniture item for the living room is a couch that converts into a bed. This way, you're able to have friends over, and they can sleep on it if they don't want to go home yet. Another multipurpose furniture item for the living room is a console table with storage capabilities. This way, you save space by not having as much clutter on your floor or coffee table (which would be another multipurpose furniture item).

Multipurpose furniture for the kitchen

Where floor space is minimal, you can conserve space by making full use of the walls and ceiling to store necessary kitchen tools and utensils. Common examples include magnetic knife racks, hanging plants, and hanging pot racks, transferring essential storage space from cluttered countertops and precious cabinets to overhead units.

Another way to save space in the kitchen is by buying a dishwasher that pulls out and doubles as a drying rack after it's done cleaning. The racks on this dishwasher will fold up when not in use so they take up much less room than traditional racks.

The microwave is another great multipurpose item for small spaces. It's an easy way to save space because many microwaves also double as an oven or convection oven, so you can bake and cook food without taking up valuable counter space.

Multipurpose furniture for your bathroom

If you live in a small space, chances are your bathroom is also small. No need to worry, though! There are some multipurpose furniture items that can help you out.

One option for your bathroom is a folding clothes rack. It's compact and leaves room on the floor for other things, such as toiletries or towels. You can also use it as a drying rack for clothing and linens if necessary. Another option would be an over the door shoe organizer with cubbies on top. If you have a few pairs of shoes and don't want to hang them up on the wall, this is a good alternative. You could also use it as storage on your desk or dresser to keep your stationary organized!


There are many benefits to using multipurpose furniture items in your home. Not only do these items allow you to maximize the space you have, but they also make your home more organized and livable. The 11 multipurpose furniture items for small spaces provided in this article offer great options for people who are looking for ways to make the most out of their space in the Maldives.


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