6 Tips to Organize a Small Kitchen

6 Tips to Organize a Small Kitchen

How to clean and organize a small kitchen?

The kitchen is the most used area in any house, so it is essential to learn how to clean and organize it. Unfortunately, this might make it one of the most disorganized places. Maintaining an organized and tidy kitchen is a time-consuming effort in and of itself. And it is even more difficult when you have a limited amount of counter space. 

Still, it becomes even more challenging when you have a limited amount of counter space. Well, don't be sad; there's still hope. Organizing your kitchen is the secret to keeping it clean, and we're here to tell you. Here are six kitchen organization tips to help you save even the tiniest kitchens clean.

Be Minimalistic in design selection

When doing your kitchen, it is essential to focus on design, buying the items carefully to fit into a better small space and keep the room organized. Going for an easily cleanable stove is very important. The kitchen range hood needs to work correctly to remove the smell. 

The sink needs to be sizable enough but not too big as dishwashers are not very famous yet in the Maldives. Dish rack, cutlery rack, and plate rack drawers can be handy to organize stuff. Spice rack within easy access is going to be very convenient. A tall cabinet can also store and organize things if space permits. 


Use Easy to clean kitchen hardware

Now, it's time to tackle another essential aspect of your kitchen – your counter space. Quartz is a popular choice for countertops since it is a material that is easy to clean, requires low maintenance, and needs little upkeep after installation.

Careful consideration should be made while purchasing kitchen hardware such as hinges and closing gas support, push-open, handle, and other vital components. Because replacing them can be difficult. So try purchasing long-lasting and high-quality items.

Create kitchen counter zones

While we're planning the kitchen, you should consider how you'll utilize each space. Before thinking about where items should go, consider how you use your kitchen. For instance, where do you perform your meal preparation, cooking, eating, and cleaning? Take a step back and examine your kitchen. Then, assign each chore to a different area of the kitchen. This way, you can ensure that all essential items are close at hand and within easy reach.

For Example:

• You'll need your cleaning products and dish rack handy while doing the dishes.

• Keep your cups near the coffee maker.

• Keep your large appliances out of your food preparation area.

You can also use the folding shelf to organize and keep your small kitchen clean.


Think About what to keep in your Cabinets

Cluttered cabinets require a significant amount of time to unstack and restack different dishes after each usage. Thoroughly visit your cabinets and keep just what you use and like in the most accessible cabinets. This way, acquiring what you require — and returning it — will be a lot easier. Messes tend to accumulate more readily in crowded areas than in empty ones. Clear counters provide no hiding spot for clutter and dirty dishes.

Keeping track of the food you already have is all about developing categories that work for your family. Put appetizers on the bottom shelf, breakfast dishes, and desserts on the second level. And left the third space empty for the inevitable overflow.


Keep everything handy

Many kitchen messes arise while meals are being prepared. You can reduce spills and clutter by keeping products near where you will use them. For example, keeping the food processor next to the outlet where you'll plug it in is an excellent place to start. You can also try hanging up your pots and pans near the stove to save space. You could also keep plastic containers for leftovers in the drawer beneath the cabinet. The goal is to reduce the distance that food and supplies must travel. It will reduce the likelihood of spilling. Furthermore, it saves time.


Declutter your Counter

Nowhere needs decluttering more than your countertops as Countertops are your kitchen prime real estate. It will be best to have an adequate surface area to make meals. Don't keep little devices, utensils, or other things cluttering up your workspace. Make a comprehensive inventory of what's currently on your counter. Is it necessary to include each item? Be harsh, and only leave out things that you use daily. 


  • To tidy your kitchen counter, use containers, and boxes. 
  • Use Fruit bowls or attractive containers, May also free up counter space 
  • Use a colorful coffee Jar or a one-of-a-kind jar to store wooden spoons or spatulas
  • You can use bins and storage racks to organize stuff in Your cabinets and refrigerator and keep cleaning supplies beneath the sink.


Now you can organize and clean your small kitchen with these excellent tips. 


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