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Introducing our Velinens Pillow Case - Professional Elegance in 350TC 100% Cotton Plain White.

Elevate your hotel's bedding experience with our Velinens Pillow Case, thoughtfully crafted from premium 350TC 100% cotton in a pristine plain white. Its soft and smooth surface provides unmatched comfort for your guests, ensuring a restful and luxurious sleep.

The pillow case features an envelope form with a 15cm flap, presenting an elegant and minimalist design. This sophisticated finish complements any decor, reflecting your dedication to excellence in every detail.

For your convenience and hygiene, we offer two Velinens Pillow Cases, carefully packed together in a PVC bag, preserving their pristine condition until they arrive at your establishment. The PVC bag is then securely placed in a carton, ready to grace your guests' beds with professionalism.

Elevate your guests' sleep experience with the Velinens Pillow Case, combining professional elegance, premium cotton comfort, and impeccable design. Transform your hotel rooms into havens of relaxation, where luxury and sophistication converge. Velinens - where comfort meets distinction.
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