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Experience the ultimate in sleep luxury with our Velinens Pillow, featuring the exceptional benefits of down filling. Crafted duck down filling weighing 1100g, this pillow offers a heavenly softness that gently cradles your head, neck, and shoulders. Down is known for its natural loft, providing excellent support while conforming to your unique sleep positions, ensuring a personalized and comfortable sleep experience.

The breathability of down allows for proper air circulation, preventing overheating and maintaining a pleasant sleeping temperature throughout the night. Its hypoallergenic properties ensure a soothing rest for those with allergies or sensitivities, making it suitable for all guests. With the added advantage of double needle stitching for durability, this Velinens Pillow guarantees a long-lasting investment in premium comfort.

Treat your guests to the epitome of relaxation with the Velinens Pillow, where the finest 100% cotton down proof fabric and duck down filling create a haven of serenity for a truly restorative slumber.

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